We have eliminated the communications gap by building a powerful language translation engine that is capable of having full conversations in over 100+ Languages.




BaBBle U was developed in a manner to ensure complete privacy to our BaBBle U Users. BaBBle U has user and inherent controls that contribute significantly to keeping our user data and behavior private.

Here’s our Privacy commitment to our users:

BaBBle U Users are able to easily make their account private.

BaBBle U Users are able to easily hide their “last seen” status.

BaBBle U Users are able to easily control who is allowed to follow them. BaBBle U Users can just as easy unfollow another BaBBle U User.

All data that sits on our servers while in transit to our users are fully encrypted and can only be viewed by its intended recipient.

None of your chats are stored on our backend servers. All of your data is stored using industry standard encryption on your mobile device.
Please note: We do encourage our users to regularly backup their chats so that it can be recovered in the event of a mobile device malfunction or theft.

Please review our Privacy Policies to see our strong commitment to Privacy.


The BaBBle U Team purposely ensured Security is built into the BaBBle U App from the very first line of programming code. Every subsequent line of programming code within BaBBle U was written in a manner that ensures the tenets of information security was strictly followed:

BaBBle U has enabled end-to-end protection on any data that sits within the BaBBle U infrastructure. The communication traffic, backend database that sits in our secured datacenters, and the database that resides on your mobile device including chat history and multimedia (images, videos, and audios) are fully encrypted.

Users can be certain that any information sent within BaBBle U Groups or between individual BaBBle Users are not able to be changed by any third party.

BaBBle U is built on an extremely reliable backend that was designed with industry standard servers and database clustering to ensure continuous uptime and disaster recovery focus to ensure a continuous operation in the event of failure.


We will be rolling out many new features in the near future so Download the BaBBle U App today.

We have an app that will not leak your private information to the public.

We have purposely built BaBBle U with security in mind because we care about our users.

We have a team of innovative developers, industry experts, with unique ideas that brought you a top notch app.

Take a look at the rich functionalities of BaBBle U and agree that we are simply a cut above the rest.

We have meticulously developed an app that has removed the language translation guess work.

Just communicate in your native language and let us do the rest. No need to go to an external website to translate. Let us do the translation automatically within the BaBBle U App.

We can translate in over 100+ languages in realtime.

Just simply communicate!!


We have purposely built BaBBle U with security in mind because we care about our users.